TelevisionI don’t watch much television as it is (the Catalyst marathon last Thursday was equivalent to roughly a week’s viewing), so I’m fairly choosy about the shows I watch. Although most of them are documentary or informative in some way, the occasional drama does manage to sneak in (I’m a fan of NCIS at the moment).

As cable TV isn’t set up to be financially beneficial for someone like me (you really need to watch a lot of television before it’s worth the trouble), I download shows whenever possible. The MacBook doubles as a portable television.

My constant dilemma is this :

For shows that are not screened here at all (or several years later, such as Top Gear), if they aren’t available for sale or legal download, is it reasonable to turn to other sources?

By ‘other sources’ I mean purchased DVDs from friends overseas, recordings of the shows that have aired on their local networks, and even the many torrent sites aimed at this type of material. It’s a battle that wouldn’t even occur in many other fields – can you imagine walking into a shop-filled street and shouting ‘will anyone take my money’?