del.icio.usAfter my recent bookmark clean-up I’ve been getting re-acquainted with I used it for a while a couple of years ago, and the few things that frustrated me then have now been fixed (primarily in the working of the Firefox add-on). It’s definitely time to dive right in.

After importing a few thousand bookmarks, one of the first things I did – perhaps a little vainly – was to bookmark a few of my own sites, just to see who was also saving them. I discovered a few people with similar interests that way; so it seems that even vanity has a positive aspect.

Now to streamline that process a little.

The quickest way I found to track a number of things regarding my sites has been through XML feeds, and this is no exception. To set up a feed which will let you know each time your site is bookmarked :

  • surf to
  • enter the address of your site
  • copy/paste the RSS link at the bottom of the page into your favourite feed reader

That’s it. Now you’ll be notified of new admirers whenever they appear.