Chris HowardA few weeks ago I received a gift from my brother – a collection of CDs from ‘the Richard Branson of personal and professional development‘, Christopher Howard. Whilst I was excited about the idea – having heard several great things about Chris Howard from a number of sources – I was swamped in work at the time and put these on my ‘to do’ list for a while.

Last week I had a chance to begin the course (there are 7 CDs, and 1 per day seemed reasonable), and I quickly wondered why I had put them off at all. Quite simply, they’re brilliant. Having completed the course yesterday, I’m amazed at the insights that can be gained from having someone ask you the right questions.

And ‘asking the right questions’ is very much at the heart of it. Based on the idea that everyone is capable of achieving more than they currently are – in any area of their life – the course really encourages you to think carefully about the way you go about things. I feel as though I have been driving along with the handbrake on, and someone’s finally pointed this out to me. It’s a fantastic feeling.

A final thought : one of the things that clearly distinguishes this from other material I’ve come across (whether as a book, article or audio such as this) is that I go back to the earlier CDs and listen to them again; review my notes from the days of the course. If anything, I’m now looking forward to his September seminar with even greater anticipation.

If it’s anything like the CDs, it’ll be superb.