DuggUntil recently (yesterday, in fact) I had a ‘Digg me’ button beneath each post on one of my other sites. This was added automatically for each new post, and invited readers to submit the story to the social news site Digg.com.

A post on Pronet – Why the Digg Button Gets You Buried, Not Dugg – caused me to rethink this approach. The article claims (and upon reflection, I tend to agree) that a low number of Diggs actually causes a negative reaction in many readers. Whilst a button that prominently says ‘1000 diggs’ is a great one to advertise, for most stories the figure is likely to be in the single digits.

What changes did I make?

Nothing too drastic – effectively I’ve only removed the counter. This still leaves a ‘Digg this’ button beneath each post, but doesn’t state how many people have already shared the story. The net effect won’t appear for a while, but I suspect it’ll be a positive one.